Friday 16 November 2012

End Game Pt2.

Part 2.

And then a low built out over the Arctic. The swell of all North Sea swells. So we rang C4 and asked if we could delay for a week, all good, so we hung about. Twiddling our thumbs unable to remove our eyes from the charts and we watched whilst the favourable west winds turned northerly and climbed the beaufort scale. We got scared, what if we had delayed for nothing. It arrived as did a day spent driving and searching for shelter, nothing surfable. Home, dejected and hungry, bed.

Would tomorrow deliver? The swell had dropped considerably but the wind was good as we drove south. At first sight we knew we'd scored but not at the size promised. The forecasted twelve foot at twelve seconds would be well and truly off the scale at this treasured place. But whatever the predictions said the turnstile did indeed spin its dreams.

Framegrabs: Gabe Davies, Sandy Kerr, Jesse Davies, Reuben Ash.

End Game Pt1.

Part 1.

So we went tripping up North to find some gold. The end game for Beyond the Scars the C4 sponsored follow-up to Uncommon Ideals. A classic trip with a cool crew. Frame-grabs include surfers Fergal Smith, Gabe Davies, Sandy Kerr, Mitch Corbett, and Matt Smith.

Thursday 11 October 2012

Winter's coming.

Winter's coming, we're off tripping... stay tuned. Surfers: Sandy Kerr + Fergal Smith.

Tuesday 11 September 2012


A cold, grey, December day in 2011. We arrived at our destination in the freezing drizzle. It looked surf-able, but only just. Gabe made his way over the mist-shrouded reef, right at the point that it turned on – it was perfect timing. Surfing's like that.

Had the sun revealed itself, Snoozer would've been in glorious technicolour – but it didn't – hence the grey-ness and grain.... it was shot at about thirty-six-trillion ISO.

A slight departure from the familiarity of Uncommon Ideals but if you like what you see please VOTE by clicking here.

Friday 13 July 2012

Bad Waves/Good days.

On some days, even the worst of waves are pure fun. From Mats Kahlstrom. 

Friday 15 June 2012

As Of Late.

As Of Late from OH DAWN on Vimeo.

Good stuff from Denmark... Oh Dawn.

Dutch Spring.

These have been sat on my desktop for ages... beginning of May to be precise. Domburg getting some fun lumps.

Wednesday 29 February 2012

Mats Kahlstrom.

Mats takes ridiculously good photographs and hails from Sweden but now resides in Stavanger on the west coast of Norway.

So whereabouts are you based?
I am originally from a tiny island called Gotland, situated on the Baltic Sea just off the coast of Sweden. Nowadays I live in Stavanger, on the south-west coast of Norway. I really like it here, a buzzing town with great transportation possibilites to the ”outside world” but with waves just a few minutes drive away. Great surfing, great city and very close to the mountains.

Favourite spot to surf in the North Sea?
I've only surfed Stavanger so far, but would very much like to head north to surf Lofoten och Stad here in Norway. These breaks seem really good. Stavanger offers alot of variety which makes the coast surfable for almost any swell direction.

Favourite subject to shoot?
Skateboarding, bmx, snowboarding and surfing are without doubt my favourite subjects. I also enjoy travel photography and I always carry my camera with me when out travelling.

What's in your camera bag and what can't you live without?
I shoot with a Nikon D300, a bunch of prime lenses and strobes from Nikon and Elinchrom. I also shoot some rolls of film with my Hasselblad 500C/M. I would not survive a long time without my 35mm lens (50mm equiv). I just love that focal length. Also, I crave for potato chips, swedish meatballs and watching a sunrise over misty mountains.

You can check more of Mats work out here