Thursday, 9 February 2012


Last year when we traveled to Norway and Sweden to shoot Uncommon Ideals, we traveled aboard a DFDS ship called the TOR BEGONIA that was transporting freight from Immingham to Gothenburg. Being on a 'real' ship, a working ship is an experience, an amazing experience. We had a tour of the engine rooms, a behemoth that is so colossal I can't begin to describe it, we spent time in the mess eating great food, chatting to weathered sailors that wouldn't be out of sorts in a Kerouac tale, helping ourselves to a overstocked fridge, where the find of the trip was the banana-chilli-sauce (another story). But constantly I was drawn to the bridge where thousands of square miles of empty North Sea, rigs, fishing boats, coast guard's messages, weather reports, stories and bottomless cups of great coffee passed hours and hours on those two trips. If you ever get the chance to spend hours on a bridge take it, I was enthralled.

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