Thursday, 5 May 2011


Warren, a friend of the project went on a cool little mission before Easter.

Yo, so what you been up to?
This and that, did a three day hike from Aberdeen up to Cruden Bay the other week. We had planned to walk up to Peterhead. Though we underestimated how long this would take and because I only had three days available we had to stop at Cruden Bay.

Sounds fun, find any sneaky spots?
Ha, maybe... we constantly kept our eyes open for waves, we did spot some potential in a few of the small bays. Not very accessible though... best get your walking boots out!

Pfff... any more trips planned, once the blisters heal?
Yeah man, I have one planned for the beginning of June, this time though will be inland so can get some fishing done and hopefully less walking as walking about nine hours a day doesn't give you much time to relax and appreciate the sights.

Nice one Warren. Check out the full story here... WAZELTOF.

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