Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Save Mölle!

The wave at Mölle harbour was discovered by Swedish surfers back in the 80's. It has become one of the Sweden's best waves, but a few years ago the municipality brought up plans of building a breakwater to protect the harbour boats and traffic in and out of the harbour. The first "Save Mölle” session was arranged in December 2003 by surfer Anders Ingelsten. Surfers from all over Sweden and Denmark entered to show their support for saving the wave.

The battle to Save Mölle continues. The harbour extension plans were stopped. However, the harbour committee was granted the right perform some repairs and maintenance to a breakwater outside of the surf-zone. Work began yesterday and locals immediately noticed that the bulldozers were adding boulders and rocks 25 to 50 meters further than the original structure. This addition could reduce the swell therefore effecting the wave. Jonas Lilja of Skånes Wavesurfers initiated an immediate response by gathering local ‘Save Mölle’ supporters he called the media, the County Environmental Department and he called the Police!

For two days they have been observing and documenting the so-called maintenance work. A county official says that he will compare aerial photos of the before and after shots. If the construction is excessive, there will be legal action against the harbor committee and the work will be undone.

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Cheers to Mat at Nordic Surfers Mag for the info.

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