Monday, 22 February 2010

Rob Lion aka Royal Surfboards.

Surfboard artisan and Bahamian import now residing in
Tynemouth, Rob Lion.

So Tynemouth of all places, how'd that come about?
We were living in Brazil and my wife wanted to move to the UK for her master's degree. She got into Newcastle University, so it was pretty simple. I have to say that the only input I had on the decision was that wherever we went it had to be near a surfable coastline. Tynemouth has been a brilliant place to be. Empty coastline, quality waves, if fickle, and of course the Geordie crack is famous.

You have enough to pick from so what are you riding?
At the moment, a little of everything, but mostly my incut fishes and mini-Simmons' style experiments. The incut fish is just so much fun, and so versatile, I ride it more than anything - as long as it is waist high or bigger. Otherwise, I'm on a log.

If you could shape a board for anybody who would it be, and
what would it be?

That's such a loaded question, but the 1st name to pop up was Joel Tudor, although he was immediately followed by Tom Curren, Dan Malloy, or Martin Potter. It would have to be someone that can ride all sorts of stuff, or at least blows up on a twin fin, such as Potts.

I'd give them the Franken-fish board I'm making at the moment. It is a blend of a lot of boards I currently like. Part mini-Simmons, part hull, part incut fish. It is eps/epoxy and only 2" thick overall, but about 22" wide, and pretty flat... good tester I reckon, lol.

Rob makes some seriously beautiful boards check em' out
Royal Surfboards.

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