Tuesday, 2 February 2010


O'Neill's Creative Director, and part-time Balinese resident, Martijn.

Whats your favourite North Sea spot?
Wijk aan Zee.

What you riding?
Erm... a 5'10 Al Merrick POD, 6'0 Mark Richards twinny, 6'2 Fatum Deep 6, 6'3 Al Merrick MBM, 6'6 JS step up, 6'7 Fatum step up mini gun. And coming soon a Fatum 6'3 round tail... hmmm... think that's about it!

Jeepers man! Whats the tatt about?
The tatt is a ancient drawing of a fish from the Chan Chan temple near Chicama in Peru. It represents fish for the fishermen and the main migratory currents that bring the fish close to shore.

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